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You can get to a number of sightseeing locations from Shimizu Port in a short amount of time. Here we will introduce a few of the most popular destinations for cruise passengers.

三保松原 Miho no Matsubara


Miho no Matsubara is a seven-kilometer stretch of 30,000 pine trees along the coast. Its deep connection to Mt. Fuji has been recognized since ancient times, and in 2013 it was listed as a component part of the UNESCO Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site.

On a clear day you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji together with Suruga Bay and lines of pine trees.

2019年3月オープンした「三保松原文化創造センター みほしるべ」では、入場無料で三保松原の歴史と文化遺産について詳しく勉強できます。(展示物には多言語表記があります。)
"Miho Shirube" Miho no Matsubara Culture & Creativity Center is a museum where you can learn about the history, cultural legacy, and more about Miho no Matsubara. Admission is free, and most exhibits have explanations in various foreign languages.

清水港から所要時間/Time from Port 車で約15分/Approx. 15min
営業時間/Hours                      9:00-16:30
定休日/Closed                         無休/Open every day
ホームページ/Website           https://miho-no-matsubara.jp/center

日本平夢テラス Nihondaira Yume Terrace


日本平夢テラスは、 360度のパノラマ展望を楽しめる展望台です。
Nihondaira Yume Terrace is a three-floored observation deck from which you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views.

建築家・隈研吾 建設都市設計事務所による、木材をふんだんに使った設計も見どころです。
The facility was designed by the architectural firm of renowned architect Kuma Kengo, and uses an abundance of wood in its design.

Situated 300m above sea level, and with a circular observation deck approx. 200m in length, you'll be able to see Shimizu Port, Miho no Matsubara and much more under the awe-inspiring Mt. Fuji. 

清水港から所要時間/Time from Port 車で約25分/Approx. 25min
営業時間/Hours                      9:00-17:00 ※土日のみ〜21:00/ Sat. & Sun. until 21:00
定休日/Closed                        第2火曜、12/26〜12/31/Second Tues. of each month, Dec. 26-31
ホームページ/Website          https://nihondaira-yume-terrace.jp

久能山東照宮 Kunozan Toshogu Shrine


Kunozan Toshogu is a shrine built in 1617 to enshrine the first shogun of the Edo period, Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was designated a National Treasure in 2010.

Nihondaira Ropeway is just a short walk from Nihondaira Yume Terrace, and you can get to Kunozan Toshogu Shrine in just a five-minute gondola ride.

If you feel like getting some exercise, you can also get up to the shrine via a 1,159-stair stone staircase.

The museum adjacent to the shrine houses some 2,000 treasures, such as items that Tokugawa Ieyasu used in his daily life, samurai armor and swords of successive Tokugawa shoguns, and much more.

清水港からの所要時間/Time from Port 車で約25分/Approx. 25min
営業時間/Hours                      9:00-17:00
定休日/Closed                        無休/Open every day
ホームページ/Website          https://www.toshogu.or.jp/

駿府城公園 Sumpu Castle Park


Sumpu Castle Park is located on the former site of Sumpu Castle, which is where the first shogun of the Edo period, Tokugawa Ieyasu, spent his twilight years. The two concentric moats that surrounded the castle, as well its beautifully-preserved stone walls, remain intact.


Sumpu Castle Park is one of the city's most popular places to gather. You can learn more about the history of Sumpu Castle and Shizuoka at the reconstructions of castle buildings and Momijiyama Garden (entrance fee applies).


清水港から所要時間/Time from Port 車で約30分/Approx. 30min
営業時間/Hours                      散策自由 Free to walk around(有料施設は9:00-16:30/Ticketed facilities open 9:00-16:30)
定休日/Closed                         無休※有料施設は月曜(祝日の場合翌日/ Open every day (except Mon. for ticketed facilities. Open Mon. if national holiday)
ホームページ/Website           http://sumpu-castlepark.com

静岡市歴史博物館 Shizuoka city museum of history 



Shizuokacity Museum of history centered around displays related to TokugawaIeyasu, the Museum introduces sites connected with him and thehistory of Shizuoka, with displays on subjects including the townthat developed around Sumpu Castle; the Tokaido Highway; the ShizuokaDomain, which produced diverse persons of note; and the port ofShimizu, which became known around the world for its export of tea.(Exhibitionrooms requires a fee.)

清水港からの所要時間/Timefrom Part       車で約30分/Approx30min
開館時間/Hours 9:00-18:00(展示室入場は閉館30分前まで/Entryinto the exhibition rooms is permitted up to 30 minutes beforeclosing time.)
休館日/Closedon 月曜日/Mondays(祝日の場合は開館、翌平日休館/exceptif Monday is a holiday is a holiday, in which case the Museum isclosed on the next weekday)
ホームページ/Website https://scmh.jp/en.html

静岡市東海道広重美術館 Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art


The Yui area of Shimizu was once home to a station along the Tokaido Road, which connected Edo (modern-day Tokyo) and Kyoto. Here you'll find the first museum in Japan named after Hiroshige, a renowned woodblock print artist whose works depicting the Tokaido were famous all over Japan. 

In the museum you'll find a variety of works by Hiroshige as well as fascinating exhibits that change several times a year. The entrance hall also features an area where you can make your own woodblock print for just 300 JPY.

清水港から所要時間/Time from Port 車で約30分/Approx. 30min
営業時間/Hours                       9:00-17:00 (最終入館/Last entrance 16:30)
定休日/Closed                        月曜/Mondays
ホームページ/Website           http://tokaido-hiroshige.jp/

駿府の工房 匠宿 Sumpu Takumi Shuku

20221107135502897_fe559ff3b88c4168bdaa9ec07109d5b2 (1).jpg



清水港からの所要時間/Time from Port  車で約35分/Approx. 35min

営業時間/Hours                      10:00-19:00
定休日/Closed                        月曜日/Monday
ホームページ/Website          https://takumishuku.jp/

静岡浅間神社 Shizuoka Sengen Shrine (located in Shizuoka City)


With over 2000 years of history, Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is one of a kind among shrines in Shizuoka.

The shrine is technically a complex primarily comprised of three separate shrines: Kambe, Asama, and Otoshimioya Shrines. Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is known as "Osengen-san" by locals, many of whom come here to worship the protective deities of Shizuoka.

Other highlights include the beautiful gates on Sengen-dori Ave. and the vividly-colored worship hall, one of many buildings on the site that have been designated Important Cultural Properties by the national government.

清水港からの所要時間/Time from Port 車で約35分/Approx. 35min
営業時間/Hours            7:00-18:00
定休日/Closed           参拝自由/Grounds open daily
ホームページ/Website         http://www.shizuokasengen.net/

富士山本宮浅間大社 Sengen Taisha (located in Fujinomiya City)


Sengen Taisha was built to worship the spirits of Mt. Fuji, as centuries ago its frequent eruptions led many to believe that it required constant spiritual reinforcement to remain calm. 

Sengen Taisha is the first and holiest of 1300+ Sengen Shrines dotted throughout Japan. Its main hall was designated an Important Cultural Asset, and on its grounds sits Wakutama Pond, a special natural monument and renowned "power spot" to feel the spirit of Mt. Fuji.

清水港からの所要時間/Time from Port 車で約35分/Approx. 35min
営業時間/Hours                      6:00-19:00
定休日/Closed                        見学自由 Grounds open every day
ホームページ/Website          http://fuji-hongu.or.jp/sengen/

静岡県富士山世界遺産センター Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre, Shizuoka

静岡県富士山世界遺産センター (4).jpg

A museum dedicated to Mt. Fuji, designed by architect Saka Shigeru and renowned for its wood facade (built using materials from Shizuoka prefecture).

Inside the facility, visitors can take a 193m helical slope from bottom to top past time-lapse videos of Mt. Fuji's scenery, simulating a climb up Mt. Fuji from sea level to summit.  There are also several exhibits about the history, religious beliefs, artwork and more related to Mt. Fuji.

清水港からの所要時間/Time from Port 車で約50分/Approx. 50min
営業時間/Hours                     9:00-17:00(7・8月は〜18:00 Until 18:00 in July/August)
定休日/Closed                       第3火曜(祝日の場合翌日)、ほか施設点検日、年末年始
                 3rd Tues. of the month (or following Wed. if national holiday), other maintenance days, New Year's holidays
ホームページ/Website         https://mtfuji-whc.jp

  静岡市清水区旭町6番8号 TEL:054-354-2342 FAX:054-353-1022
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